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Welcome to your member’s home, we’re here for all your sweepstakes needs! The platform is extremely easy to navigate, but let’s walk through it for anyone who’s new here or confused. At the top of the page you will see 5 tabs—Sweepstakes, Instant Win, Free Samples, Discounts, & Blog—where you will find just that! Each section lists the most up to date offers specific to that category, and the different tabs above help with organizing these listings to make the user experience more enjoyable and navigating the site as straightforward as possible.

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Answer to the Winning Code:

Sweepstakes are prize giveaways where winners are drawn randomly from all of the valid entries. We’ve compiled the premier sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways and created this site to provide our users with all of these great offers in one common space. So instead of having to search high and low for these offers, you are able to find them all right here in front of you.

Within our database you will find a vast array of sweepstakes and other offers listed across the internet. Essentially giving you a front of the line pass to all the best offers out.

Your Winning Codes membership provides you access to our listing database. As well as tools to help make your entry process swift & easy; and guidance for how to maximize your entry potential, thus improving your odds.

Within the Sweepstakes Section, you will also find additional tabs: Single Entry, Daily Entry, Weekly Entry, Monthly Entry, & Misc. Entry. These tabs are in place to categorize the listed sweeps based on their number of allowed entries, which make it easier to discover sweeps and then maximize your entry into them. For instance single entry means you are only allowed to enter the sweepstake once, while daily entry allows you to submit a new entry each day. Weekly Entry means you are allowed to come back and enter each week, & monthly entry means you are permitted to enter once a month. The Miscellaneous Entry tab is where you will find sweepstakes that allow for multiple entries, but don’t fit exactly into any of the prior categories. It is always important to look over the rules as that is where you will find out exactly what is allowed, when you can enter, & if there is an opportunity to earn extra entries into a specific sweep. Here at Winning Codes we try to highlight the most important info (i.e. entry allowance), but we also provide our members with a direct link to the rules, so you can look over everything for yourself.

This is where all instant win games are listed. Instant Win games are typically combined with Sweepstakes—and just like the name sounds, entering into an instant win allows you to find out in that same moment if you’re a winner. This section is great for people who do not like the waiting game and want to know in that same moment if they’ve won.

Our Free Samples section lists various companies or sites that are giving away products at no cost. Here you will find a number of items that you can sample for free and we provide a direct link to these products for our members. Similarly in our Discounts Section you will find a wide variety of discounted products, promo codes, and other offers made exclusively available to WinningCodes members.

On each listing page you will find a share button, where you have the ability to send the direct link to friends, family, or whoever else you might want to share the offer with. The share button is a great resource. Not only is it a simple & quick way to share, but you can also earn a commission when you do this; as your links are customized and tracked whenever you share. You can find more information about how this works in the affiliate section (at the top right corner).

On every listing you will also see a button that says “Save to My Sweeps.” My Sweeps is essentially your favorites section on Winning Codes. This is where you can save sweeps that you want to keep your eye on or come back to later. This is especially helpful with sweepstakes that you want to continuously return to for entry (i.e. a sweep you want to come back to daily or weekly); rather than having to go back through the whole site looking for a particular listing, you can go right to your My Sweeps section with ease. 

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