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Often times sweepstakes participants will get worried about automatic entries because of the rules that apply to the sweep. Even when using the automatic form filling of their internet browser, they fear they might be disqualified. This is because they don't understand the difference between automatic entry and autofill entry; and when the sweepstakes site states that automatic entry is not allowed, they feel they will be disqualified even when they use autofill entry.

However, there are many things you need to know about automatic entry as a sweepstakes participant. There are two types of automatic registration, but it’s important to understand that they are different from one another. There's autofill entry and there's automatic entry.

The basics

Just like the name insinuates, autofill sweepstakes entry is the situation where the user doesn't necessarily need to fill out their entry forms completely. Although they visit the website and enter some details themselves and make decisions like agreeing to newsletter subscriptions or not, for some of their answers they will likely only have to type a few letters before the rest of the word appears and is automatically filled in. This is dependent on the settings we have made, and similarly we see this on our phone browser as well. Basically it remembers certain information for faster or easier use.

Automatic entry, on the other hand, just like its name applies, is the situation where a software program or a bot fills out the entry form for the participant without actually visiting the website themselves. They sometimes enter for the user daily. This serves as a disadvantage to sponsors because they run the sweepstakes to help reach a target audience that they wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Their main goal is to let you know about their products, which can only happen when you are actually visiting their website (not a bot). So because of this reason, most companies don't allow automatic sweepstakes entry.

So when you see that automatic entries are not allowed within a sweepstakes’ rules, they mean the second service explained above; because a software or third party is making the entry for you and you didn't visit the sweepstakes website yourself. Following this rule: it means that autofill entry is allowed because you get to visit the website and make some entry for yourself, your computer or phone is just helping you to fill it out faster.

Unless otherwise stated by the company, it's not easy to understand which of these rules are prohibited because they are similar, but the explanation above gives a clear meaning and should help you better understand both entry forms.

You need to carefully read through the rules stated by the company to know which type of entry is prohibited, so that you don't get disqualified. This is because some companies do state it clearly that both automatic entries and autofill sweepstakes entries are not allowed.

So in conclusion, when an entry is made for you while you are busy (i.e. sleeping or eating), it is considered an automatic entry, and typically not allowed. However, the situation where you have to carefully fill out the forms and spend your actual time going through it is manual entry with the possible use of autofill. It’s important to understand that though automatic entry through bots might be off limits, it doesn’t necessarily mean autofilling is against the rules as well. Autofill can help you maximize your entry potential more easily by speeding up your process. Just be sure to always check the rules to avoid disqualification & ensure your chances of success.