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It’s disappointing and depressing, the feeling that you no longer have the game or the same enthusiasm to enter a sweepstake that you did before and this is exactly what sweepstake burnout does to you. It takes away the urge to keep going back to sweepstakes and to keep investing your time in it. There can be multiple reasons for that feeling to build up. One of the most common and obvious ones is the lack of wins that you suddenly feel building up. As soon as you start to analyze or look at the statistics of your wins, they seem to have decreased in number, thus leading to disappointment and hence the experience of sweepstake burnout.

The best solution to get yourself out of this funk and get your enthusiasm back is to start looking at things in a different light. First and foremost it’s good to revisit some of the things you had been doing in the past, and try to change them in a way that keeps you interested and motivated to get back to sweepstakes. Here are a few steps you can follow to help you start looking at things from another perspective and get you out of the sweepstake burnout phase.

  • Look for instant wins:

Looking for instant wins helps keeping you motivated. It is a different experience from regular sweepstakes because you get to find out the results in the moment. When you are successful with these it is a gratifying moment when you get to see your prize instantly and the message, congratulating you, flashing on your screen. This will boost your motivation and make you want to enter more sweepstakes. Not to mention most instant wins have sweepstakes attached so when you play these you usually get a sweepstakes entry as well.

  • Try to switch between games:

Changing the game that you are playing for the win will keep you interested in the whole process. It will make the sweepstakes less boring and keep you curious about the type of game you are about to enter. This strategy of switching between games from time to time also helps you come across various types of easy wins which should help keep your motivation level up.

  • Go for smaller wins:

Try to remember why you play, relive the passion that is involved and make sure to remind yourself that you’re not in it for the size of the prize, but rather the joy of winning and the fun of playing. Keep on entering sweepstakes even if the prize is not the largest; as this keeps your intentions in check and helps you remember the joy of simply winning.

  • Look for creative contests:

Give a chance for creativity to flourish and try to enjoy the process by writing, painting or singing for the prize that awaits, this will help you discover your abilities and won’t let you lose hope in the effort that goes into what you do. This specific tip is not for everyone, but if you enjoy using your creativity and have not previously tried it out, it’s definitely worth a try.

  • Take a few breaks:

Taking breaks during your days of sweepstakes entry will help your brain rest and come back with a fresh energy which will eventually lead to better focus and motivation for you; getting you one step closer to winning. These breaks can also be extended for longer periods after a few days of consistent playing. Remember to listen to your body, take a break when you feel like you need it, to avoid overdoing it and getting yourself into that burnout slump

Overall sweepstakes burnout is not the greatest feeling, but have no fear if you are experiencing it because you will overcome it. If you are feeling burnt out now hopefully these tips can help you out of it, or can help you to avoid it altogether in the future.