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Sweepstakes nowadays have become well-known giveaways to people globally. All kinds of companies are sponsoring many amazing giveaways. These sweepstakes or contests are given to promote a particular company, business, or specific products. Every sweepstakes has a set of general rules which must be abided by by all of the participants in order for you entry (or entries) to be valid and for you to make sure that you are a suitable candidate for the giveaway.

When you are going to take part in a particular sweepstakes, it’s important to understand the conditions of the sweep prior to entry. Mainly because you want to be sure not to do anything that would lead to your disqualification (like over-entering), but also because you want to be sure you’re not about to waste you’re time. For instance if you’re 18, but the sweepstake is only open to participants 21 and over, you would not want to waste your time filling out the entry just to find out it is invalid because you (or your age) is restricted.

Reading Sweepstakes Rules

 Generally speaking, reading carefully about anything in the world always assists you in that it furthers your knowledge or understanding of a certain topic. In the same way, reading the rules of any sweepstakes, no matter how big the sponsor company is, truly is imperative for success. This should not be something that you look at as optional when submitting yourself into a sweepstake, instead you should make it your prime duty to always make sure you look over the rules. Doing this will always be beneficial for you. Not only are you making sure that what you’re about to participate in is safe, but also you are able to make sure that it is worth your while before you spend time on your entry. Reading those rules can be so helpful that it might even increase your chances of winning. This is because there is often additional information available in thr rules that you might not see on the surface—like entry allowance, if there are bonus entries available, etc. Let’s further break down some of the major reasons for why sweepstake rules are so important and why you should be reading them.

Importance of reading sweepstakes rules

  • To know the eligibility and qualification criteria:

Whenever you enter sweepstakes you have to submit some kind of information. Sometimes it’s as simple as filling out a form, however if you not have gone through the rules then it's possible you are going to make a mistake and forget to submit something that is necessary for entry; which would lead to that submission not being accepted. So reading the rules will make you aware of all the requirements ahead of time.

  • Prevents from getting disqualified:

Several times ignoring the rules leads you to breaking them—because you didn’t know better—which can directly disqualify you from the contest. Suppose you enter far too many times, or you live in an area that is restricted. These situations can disqualify you even if you qualify in other aspects of the sweep. Checking out the rules ahead can save yourself the time and effort of an entry that could lead to disqualification.

  • Saves your Time:

Reading the sweepstakes rule is obviously going to save your time. This may sound contradictory as reading through rules might come off time consuming. However browsing the rules and understanding what you sre going to participate in prior to actually doing it will be extremely helpful and ultimately will save you time. You will be awarded the proper precautions to be taken and you will even get to know how frequently can submit entires. Many times people don't read the rules and then enter into a sweepstakes which they might not be even be eligible for (either by age, location, profession, etc.). So reading the rules will in fact save you time, add to your knowledge, and could even help increase your chances of winning.

  • Get to know details about the sweepstakes

The rule book of any sweepstakes provides you with detailed information about the prizes and the conditions which have to be fulfilled by the contestant. It gives you background info on the sponsors as well. Basically the more you read into the rules, the more you get to know the sweepstake you’re looking to enter.

Thus, prior to entering into any sweepstakes make sure you have completely digested the given rules. Not only will this better your understanding of the requirements, but also your chances of winning. Right away you are getting ahead of any other entrants, or your competitors, who have chosen not to read through the rules. You will immediately know if you are ineligible by reading the rules, and will not be wasting any time or energy on sweepstakes that you’re restricted from. You will also know exactly what you need to do for a successful submission, and anything additional you can do to better your chances (i.e. bonus entries).

Hopefully you have gained a better understanding of the significance of sweepstake rules. Ultimately reading these rules can only benefit you, so we suggest taking the time to do that!