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New to Sweepstakes? Well great news, you’ve come to the right place! Here at WinningCodes we strive to make the sweepstakes entry experience as fun and easy as possibly for our users. Whether you’re somewhat familiar with entering sweepstakes or completely new you’ll find straightforward tools throughout the site to help guide you. This gives everyone an equal opportunity at the chance to win big. 
There are numerous sweepstakes that can be found throughout the internet (we’ve actually compiled a running list that is updated regularly on WinningCodes, which you can find here). Once you find a sweepstakes that sparks your interest, the next steps are quite simple. Most sweeps will just ask you to provide them with your basic information (name, age, address, etc.) and contact info. You’ll want to make sure you give a good phone number or email address where they’ll be able to get a hold of you if you are chosen as the winner.
Although there is sometimes a limit on how many times you can enter into a particular sweepstakes, there aren’t rules for how many different sweepstakes you can participate in. Additionally, there are so many different types of sweepstakes out there, i.e. a high paying cash prize sweep (which would likely have only one winner) versus a sweep with smaller prizes (which would likely have a number of winners). This makes sweepstakes entry a lot of fun because you can enter multiple contests at the same time, increasing your chances at winning. 
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